Becoming a Mad Russian lash artist isn't easy, but it is simple: our Master Artist classes will teach you all the skills, the techniques and the proprietary Mad Russian methods you will need for a rewarding career in lash artistry.  Each of our classes teaches lash theory and technique, and includes rigorous hands-on training and skills modeling by our founder, Olga Stunson.


Prepare the Mad Russian way for a new career.  Other classes and programs give you a day or two of instruction with some hands-on work--then you're on your own.  The Mad Russian's program isn't two days.  It's two WEEKS.  Not only will you be taught all the information you'll need to be a lash artist, but you'll have a full two weeks to practice on friends and family, and even clients.

The Mad Russian program will teach you both Classic technique, as well as pre-made/pro-made fan technique. As a bonus, the Mad Russian herself will teach you one Volume technique for you to practice, and will give each student a Starter Kit with all the tools necessary to practice in class and at home!



Our basic Master Artist class is open to beginning lash artists and experienced lash artists alike, and will be held on March, 2020.  Registration is limited, so reserve your space today!

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