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Without sacrificing ONE IOTA of quality, you will be able to service 30-40% more clients each day of your valuable time than by making fans by hand.. With each Mad Russian Bunch Box of 1000 fans, you'll be able to service more than 20 clients.  And the per-fan cost is more than 30% less  at 1000 fans than our competitors' standard 120 count boxes. 

If you charge $200 for a full-set of volume lashes, you'll realize $4,000 in income from each Mad Russian Bunch Box.  

Experienced lash artists know how long a full-set of volume lashes takes--about 150 minutes to do it well.  With Mad Russian premade fans, that time is reduced to about 90 minutes--allowing you to fill your schedule with 40% more paying clients each day.

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Fifteen years ago, I became a lash artist.  Before long, I became obsessed, utterly MAD about the quality of my work and, more importantly, the quality of the products I used. After coming to America,  I would not have been caught dead with a "pre-made fan" in my tweezers.  Now, still MAD about quality, I have developed my own version of the "pre-made fan."  You'll never beat the quality.  Never.

I love pre fanned lashes.These are the best I've used for sure , easy to work with and my clients love the look of them.